Eco(n) Switch

Change is necessary, economically, ecologically, socially. Development is change. If we take other economic decisions, it will have a social impact. And impact on our living environment, here and elsewhere. If we work on social development, this has economic effects. And ecological, here, and elsewhere.

ECO(N) SWITCH works from an integrated approach. What economic, ecological, and social impact are you organizing with the steps you want to take? What can we oversee, what is assumption?

We offer a program with 8 themes for companies and organizations that want to make a radical SWITCH, and want to design their future based on contemporary thinking lines and values:

  1. Economy serving society: what does this mean for you?
  2. Tomorrow’s society – a look through the crystal ball
  3. Need and Contribution – Your New Compass
  4. Governance – following the compass
  5. Including
  6. SDG
  7. Finance
  8. Cross check on your new canvas – merge modules

A selection from the program is also possible to suit your own situation.
To do? Cross check on your new canvas – combine modules.
A selection from the program is also possible to suit your own situation.



Working method


  • convert complex questions into clear steps
  • sees things in a broader context
  • proposes surprising solutions that are also simple
  • talks to employees
  • involves their knowledge and experience in the process
  • enters into discussions with customers and stakeholders

Intertembo has and makes agreements in various partnerships, in the Achterhoek, throughout the Netherlands and partly across the border. This means that additional support and knowledge is always within reach.

advice: brief and vigorous

We know from experience: often it is about the question behind the question. After that check, we will find the right solution for you, and determine who contributes in what way to the results. An important factor is often the strengths and talents of your people. Intertembo does not work with a standard package; from the toolbox comes what is needed. Together we choose a path that fits your intended development. Only there where Intertembo actually has added value for you, advice is given or appropriate support for you and your company.



Interim management: intensive accompaniment

Unexpected results are achieved when people with their passion and talents are involved in a process from the start. Why do they do what they do? What drives them?

This is the accelerator for the intended development and the power to maintain smooth running processes. Intertembo is happy to support you professionally, based on concrete agreements, a concrete division of work, with a clear timeline. Together we will ensure that you can continue working as soon as possible without external involvement.

Business And Management consultation hours

Intensive supervision is not always necessary. Sometimes you just lack a sparring partner, a fresh perspective, someone who listens to your ideas and plans and gives feedback on them. Such questions fit well within the office hours.

You decide whether you prefer to ask your question by e-mail, on the telephone or at the table. Challenge us! For consultation hours, Intertembo follows the principle of retrospective valuation: What did it actually bring you?


workshops and lectures

Intertembo’s workshops are fun, light-hearted but above all informative and challenging. Intertembo offers a number of ‘off the shelf’ workshops, but also tailor-made workshops. Always interactive and inspiring. Deepening and sharing knowledge, exploration of new issues, innovation, co-creation. Your wish is our mission. Lectures on a wide range of topics are also possible. Especially stimulating, putting things into perspective, in interaction with the audience.

We prefer to work with homework after the workshops and lectures: deepening and repeating acquired knowledge, until it has actually found its way into (daily) practice.


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