Way to go


  • Divides complex matters in simple steps;
  • Positions issues in broader context;
  • Provide unexpected solutions, in a simple way;
  • Gets into conversations with employees;
  • Involves employees knowledge and experience in development of the company;
  • Involves costumers and stakeholders (if needed).

Intertembo collaborates in several (knowledge) networks, has access to their resources. Local, regional and international. Always the right knowledge and competencies on arm length.

Advice: Short and powerful

In the quest for best solutions for your organization, the talents and competencies from your employees are the centre of development. We choose a basic – where necessary flexible – path. Tailor-made, for your company. Just at the points where Intertembo actually is of added value for you, you get advice and support from Intertembo. No more, no less.


Interim management: Full speed boost

Empower people with passion and talents and you get amazing results! Especially, when you ask somebody from outside the company for the job. Giving attention to all the quality inside the company, adding what’s needed, cutting what’s overdue or bring it to the next needed level.
Intertembo provides analyses, insights and solutions for organizational development. Based on a hands-on attitude. Based on clear agreements about results, task sharing, process and applied resources. Together, we realise the goals. One of them: your organisation is able to perform without any outside support as soon as possible.

Company and management office hours

Frequently, a question is quickly answered. Reflecting on thoughts and ideas, giving feedback on plans does not need long-term agreements. Sometimes, it is enough to discuss it once with somebody with fresh eyes, understanding your thrive and dreams. Therefore, Intertembo provides consulting hours. It’s your choice to share your question per email, phone or with a cup of coffee. For office hours Intertembo applies the principle of valuation at the end: you decide what the value was for you and repay accordingly.


Workshops and lectures

Workshops from Intertembo are fun, informal, but foremost interesting and challenging, interactive and inspiring. For several themes, Intertembo has modules ready. You can find examples. These always will be adapted to your needs. Other themes are in concept. Just ask! Deepen and sharing knowledge, quests on new issues, innovation, co-creation. Your wish is our order.
Lectures will be teasing, questioning, in interaction with the audience.