Workshops from Intertembo are interactive, fun, informal, and creative. These workshops are a useful tool tot start, boost, inspire and realize personal growth, (company) processes or projects.
Sharing knowledge is a good way to start. Intertembo’s workshops provide compact overviews and in-depth insights tailor-made for assignment and goals.
Intertembo’s workshops are suitable for in-company training, managers and/or professionals. Intertembo although provides workshops for general educational goals. Do you have a specific question or item? Dare to ask! There is more possible then you will find in the examples below.

Together, we dig in which hidden jams we (already) can find and add what’s necessary and/or inspires. At the end of every workshop, we harvest and secure results, make sure that the follow up is clear to reach the desired goals.

An inspiring location supports the success of the workshop. In-company is an option, sometimes necessary, not always to prefer.

Intertembo offers workshops based on examples below and also complete tailor-made once. Always inspiring, always interactive.
You can deepen your knowledge, explore new themes or step into collaboration and co-creation. It’s your choice! Let us know! Intertembo adapts methods and tools to support you in realising your dreams and goals.

You’re looking for lectures of talks, for a certain program or activity? Intertembo offers 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 45 minutes sessions. What’s your question? Also here, the audience will be interactively involved in the session.

From idea to realisation
  • An idea is a dream without strict lines and limits. Which idea keeps you awake? What does your eyes shine? About what do you really, really talk enthusiastic? Which creativity supports your personal growth, your company’s development?
    Do you doubt it might become reality? Than, we should talk! 

    The workshop “Share your ideas and inspiration” is a follow up on “Be yourself, there is no one else like you!”, but also can be booked on its own.
    Intertembo takes you on an unexpected journey with probable surprising results. You might experience that you learning moment are also important to other, that you inspire each other, grow together. Together, you build on your own ideas and deliver to and receive input from others. Taking things a step further.
    Ideas don’t come on request, but often on unexpected moments and places. Discover your personal spots! And how you can make your dreams come true.

Financial planning
  • We use a case to discus necessary steps and considerations for the financial planning of your start up or growth path.

    We talk about basics of budgeting, cash flow, forecast and other scary terms. This workshop is part of a start-up program but also suitable for companies ‘on the go’.

  • People talk lot about co-creation. Just a few actual use and apply it in their (daily) work. Intertembo breaks it down in simple to follow steps. We introduce you to a model, that works, explain why and what it offers you.

    Goal of the workshop is that the participants in fact co-create, leaving the workshop with a new idea, new possibilities and chances. We have amazing examples from earlier sessions.

Appreciative Inquiry
  • Audit and control often focus at items, which are not according to standards or requirements. That’s not inspiring, not focussing on real development. Pointing your focus on ‘fixing things’ channels your energy and resources away from development and growth.

    Appreciative Inquiry cheerleads on successes and things with potential. Supporting you in your expertise and in finding your way in realizing your goals. Positive focus boosts your business. Intertembo likes to introduce you to new models and experiences.

Business development in 4 themes

  • Business development is a sequence of workshops, which supports you in finding the right way and making the right choices for your business. Leading to solutions, not just analyses and advices. The workshops might be booked separately, each of them with its own value for you.

    The sequence is developed for SME, start-ups and/or organisations with immense growth. The sequence of Intertembo’s workshops provides you with insides why you are confronted with certain growth symptoms, what you can do about it and which choices fit in your specific situation.

    The sequence contains:
    > Smart development – It’s possible!
    > Smart employment – It’s a fit?
    > Stripped processes – What’s your excellence?
    > Success guaranteed?

Smart development – It’s possible!

  • In the first workshop of Intertembo’s sequence we take a short look at management theory, changing in insights and also at misjudgements. Together, we find the question, you really have and draw a first sketch of possible solutions. From there, we look at which further steps are necessary, what’s smart, what’s not.

    Your business is changing; your costumers have different requirements. You dry to take social developments into account. New partners.
    You want to adapt to those changes. Or you want to be trend setter. What does that mean for your organization? How to make the right choices? We discus
    – formulating a clear goal;
    – involving your employees;
    – developing a suitable plan
    – securing successes
    And certainly, you will learn from each other.

Smart employment – It’s a fit?
  • In the second workshop of Intertembo’s sequence we take a short look at competencies and required knowledge, personality and personal interaction.
    Your companies has grown, you hired new people. But the early employees were different. You changed your products or services, your processes. Not everybody seems to fit anymore, is not happy with the changes, with growing complexity. Other materials, more requirements, more diversity. IT and high tech on the edge. Communication has changed. Just a few examples. You love your business, but all the clutter, that comes with it… In this workshop, we will find a way that suits you and will help you develop in a way you like.

    What do you need to do for your employees? What can they do for you? (More than now, that is – almost – for sure; and we do not talk ‘hours’ here. Developing together, how can you do that? Avoiding unnecessary complexity.
    We work with short introductions of some theory and discussing practical questions.

Stripped processes – What’s your excellence?

  • Requirements for ‘more with less’? Lean is mean? Your company is an conglomerate of processes.
    In the third workshop of Intertembo’s sequence we take a short look at smart process development. Seems, internationally, for more then half of CEO’s their main concern lies on ‘execution excellence’ within their organisation. ‘Stripped process’ goes back to basics of process development, mastering complex processes and simplification. Which process has your main concern?

    Everybody has heard of ‘just in time delivery’, six sigma, KAIZEN, pressure cook, and other methods. But what does suits your needs? Might it be smart to follow just one theory? Or to pick parts and pieces to make it tailor-made?
    Together, we look at what fits, which criteria should lead to your choices. What can you learn from other’s successes and mistakes?

Success guaranteed?
  • Nothing is ever the same. Everything is permanently in change. Development is constant factor.
    In the fourth workshop of Intertembo’s sequence we take a short look at how you can manage to keep up, personal, with your employees, in your processes. We talk about dreams and worries, energizers and learning points. Complex issues asking for small steps. Together we – in fact – walk through that process.

Organisational development, Assigning tasks and diverting roles
  • Organisations are complex systems, with their owns culture, characteristics and dynamics. Like each other systems, they follow a pattern of phases in their development.
    How can you choose the right structure for the right phase?

    How do you organise collaborations between employees, departments and dependences? Which techniques support your choices? We apply a 7-step-plan, discuss pros and cons of certain choices and draw a first sketch for your situation.