INTERTEMBO serves as an innovative, sparkly different business development coach. We focus on interdependencies of the several aspects of your company. Balance in your development, that’s where we are looking for, together.


The Dream

INTERTEMBO is convinced that people who put in their strength and working based on their talents deliver great performances for themselves and their surroundings. Working based on trust, debating open about old-grown pattern and blind spots create chances for further development. Thinking, working, building together inspires and leads to co-creations. Leads to the next step.
Creative and innovative companies performing better on the long term. Balancing personal and process development is in that a crucial issue.

Trust, talent and guts to dream are the ingredients of success. INTERTEMBO likes to support you in finding just your own recipe in that.
It all comes together based on interaction, clear communication and collaboration.


Our company’s name reflects the characteristics we are standing for. Tembo is Swahili for elephant. Traditionally, the elephant 

• is powerful
• has insight and overview
• relies on traditional wisdom
• applies learning points
• removes thresholds and obstacles
• is ensured and encouraging
• is patienced



INTERTEMBO finds social responsibility and social involvement important. Our key values are

To encourage
Together, we work on and with ideas, which has value to you, your surroundings and society.

To innovate
Together, we step out off common paths, sometimes leaving our comfort zone. Always without leaving our common trust and balance.

Social entrepreneur
Working with companies and organisations, which see and feel their impact on the environment and society and choose to act responsible.


Value is more than just money

Of course, we all have to pay our bills. But life is about a lot more (nice) things. Most, you can buy (money will still be an important way to exchange value in the nearby future), but there are more ways to show your appreciation for received services.
Below you find some indications, what to me, personally, is of great value. Thus, sometimes, we can agree on another way of value exchange.


sources of
(workshops, lectures,clinics…)

Unusual travel

(flights, train, music, hotels…)

Flight lessons at
my aviation school

300 or 400mm lens

to borough

Space at