Workshops from Intertembo are interactive, fun, informal, and creative. These workshops are a useful tool tot start, boost, inspire and realize personal growth, (company) processes or projects.
Sharing knowledge is a good way to start. Intertembo’s workshops provide compact overviews and in-depth insights tailor-made for assignment and goals.
Intertembo’s workshops are suitable for in-company training, managers and/or professionals. Intertembo although provides workshops for general educational goals. Do you have a specific question or item? Dare to ask! There is more possible then you will find in the examples below.

Together, we dig in which hidden jams we (already) can find and add what’s necessary and/or inspires. At the end of every workshop, we harvest and secure results, make sure that the follow up is clear to reach the desired goals.

An inspiring location supports the success of the workshop. In-company is an option, sometimes necessary, not always to prefer.

Intertembo offers workshops based on examples below and also complete tailor-made once. Always inspiring, always interactive.
You can deepen your knowledge, explore new themes or step into collaboration and co-creation. It’s your choice! Let us know! Intertembo adapts methods and tools to support you in realising your dreams and goals.

You’re looking for lectures of talks, for a certain program or activity? Intertembo offers 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 45 minutes sessions. What’s your question? Also here, the audience will be interactively involved in the session.

From idea to realisation
Financial planning
Appreciative Inquiry

Business development in 4 themes

Smart development – It’s possible!

Smart employment – It’s a fit?

Stripped processes – What’s your excellence?

Success guaranteed?
Organisational development, Assigning tasks and diverting roles
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